Billie launches a shaving campaign that actually shows female body hair

Images via Ashley Armitage/Billie
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Let’s change the narrative.

Because women are apparently hairless beings with baby-soft skin, it makes sense why there are no razor ads geared towards women actually having something to shave.

You may already be familiar with Dollar Shave Club, a subscription-based razor service for men. In November of last year, body brand Billie entered the razor game, offering a similar alternative for female consumers. For just $9US, Billie’s subscription kit includes a handle, two five-blade razors, and a magnetic holder.

Other than simply offering shaving products, Billie is also showcasing something that’s never really been seen in a female razor ad ACTUAL body hair. Can you even believe?

In its latest video, promoting the brand’s Project Body Hair campaign, several women celebrate their natural body hair, which is all shown in close-ups. Text that reads: ‘Hair. Everyone Has It. Even Women.’ accompanies the video, further promoting the campaign’s ‘let’s make the internet fuzzier’ message.

The ad also speaks to a diverse cast of women, ending with the tagline “However, whenever, if ever you want to shave, we’ll be here.”

Body hair is finally having a moment, and it’s well overdue. While the brand’s subscription package doesn’t deliver to Aus (devo), you can read up on the Project Body Hair campaign on its website.

Alternatively, watch the excellent video below.


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